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Many people have diabetes and osteoporosis others fight with lung, cardiovascular system, problems There could be a solution in changing lifestyle.

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Because of that there is a new word in dietetics as functional foods. Those foods components picked carefully for healthiness by modern knowledge of dietetics. One of the best raw materials for functional food is the milk.

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It is already healthy by itself. The Körös-Maros Biofarm Ltd. The Jedlik Ányos project helps the Ltd. We just finished an antioxidant test and we check if the antioxidant in present in the milk than we check the final product of the presence of the original antioxidant and milk diabetes connection form and amount of it.

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It had been feeding, for two weeks for three herd of cows selected for age, milk output and consanguinity. All of the three herd had been feeding with basic forage.

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After two weeks we toke a sample of every herd were processed the samples into yogurt and cheese. Than we checked the raw milk, the cheese and the yogurt for antioxidant content with HPLC method. The test ended with good results by finding a great amount of antioxidant, in not only the ii tipusú diabetes milk but also in the final product.

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