High blood pressure and irregular heartbeat, arrhythmia

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high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat

History Curative Water The speciality of the Turkish Bath is the °C curative water with radon, erupting from among the stones covering the bottom of the pools, which is a rather rare phenomenon. Radon gets into our system partly through the skin, and partly by inhalation.

high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat

Its curative effects have been known in medicine and used all over the world for a long time: through stimulating the immune system, radon has an anti-inflammatory and painkilling effect, and also eases rheumatic pains and circulatory disorders as well. Radon absorbed through the skin produces endorphin, thus it has a beneficial effect on our general condition as well.

High Blood Pressure and Your Heart

Of the six pools in the Turkish Bath, three contain curative water, the skin-neutral, °C temperature of which allows our guests with heart and vascular diseases under control and those suffering from high blood pressure to use it.

What problems is the water of the Turkish Bath recommended for?

high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat

Articular diseases: chronic inflammatory articular diseases and autoimmune diseases Diseases of the spine: degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the spinal column Diseases of the bones, muscles and tendons: muscle pain, conditions following bone fractures, limited motion following injuries From among the diseases of the nervous system: semi-acute and chronic cases of neuritis and neuralgia with locomotor disorders Diseases of the metabolic system with locomotor disorders: gout Diabetes with locomotor disorders Disorders of the vegetative nervous system, roboration of exhaustion Rehabilitative treatment following orthopaedic and trauma-surgical, as well as neuro-surgical interventions Problems for which we do not recommend use of the Turkish Bath: Irregular, fast heartbeat For three months following a heart attack Untreated high blood pressure For years following malignant tumours Contagious diseases.

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