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Exp Biol Med Maywood ; 12 : The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of miR on its several target genes in various human tumorous and normal cell lines. MiRNA inhibition was used to validate our results.

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We found a diverse silencing effect of miR on its target genes. While an overall tendency of downregulation was noted, expression profiles of individual cell lines showed large variability.

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MiR had an antiproliferative effect on a normal human fibroblast cell line. In the same cell line, a moderate decrease of SMARCB1 protein expression could be observed with immunocytochemistry and flow cytometry.

In the most comprehensive analysis of miR effects so far, a modest but significant downregulation of miR targets on the mRNA level was confirmed across all cell lines.

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However, the variability of the effect shows that the action of this miRNA is largely cell context-dependent. Our results also support the conception that the oncomiR effect of miR on SMARCB1 plays an important but not exclusive role in SMARCB1 immunonegative soft tissue sarcomas so it can be considered important in planning the targeted therapy of these tumors in the future.

MiR has diverse silencing effects on its target genes. We found that the action of miR is largely cell context dependent. The oncomiR role of miR is crucial but not exclusive in SMARCB1 negative soft tissue sarcomas and miR has an antiproliferative effect on a normal human fibroblast cell line.

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Expressions of miR targets observed in tumors can only be reproduced in the corresponding tumorous cell lines. This is the first study which examined the permanent effect of miR on its target genes in normal, tumor, and genetically engineered cell lines.

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